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E. Lee Schlender, an accomplished trial attorney and author, has written a thorough and masterful primer for trial lawyers, aiding both their preparation for and trial of complex lawsuits. The book's primary focus is on medical malpractice. Reading the Chapter Titles alone provides one with an invaluable checklist extremely useful and applicable to many other types of litigation. It is a valuable handbook for attorneys with all levels of prior experience in medically related litigation.

The book is splendidly written in a terse, down to earth style, scrupulously documented, all designed to quickly eliminate hours of the practitioner's time in research.

As a trial lawyer of fifty-five years' experience (seven of which included serving as a Justice on the Idaho Supreme Court) I am pleased to recommend this book as a "must have" for the library of trial lawyers practicing in any of the fifty states in America.

- Robert C. Huntley
Idaho Supreme Court Justice (Ret.)
Boise, Idaho
August 2014

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"Negligence Law and Practice for the Patient's Lawyer"

Guiding Lawyers in Handling Personal Injury Lawsuits

Hailed as a "must have" for injury lawyers, Negligence Law and Practice for the Patient's Lawyer was penned by attorney E. Lee Schlender of Schlender-Brown PLLC to streamline the process of obtaining a settlement for a lawyer's client by arming them with the most effective strategies and tools to resolve a case that can otherwise take years.

With extensive legal knowledge, Mr. Schlender has set out on a literary mission to aid fellow lawyers to provide better, more efficient services to their clients and in turn, receive better results. Providing priceless insight into the legal world surrounding medical negligence, he has translated decades of legal experience into a guide for success in handling personal injury and medical malpractice cases.

New 2014 Edition Practice Manual by Erven Lee Schlender, J.D.

2014 2nd Edition - $25.00 (Paperback)

Available at Alibris, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. (Discounts from some retailers available.)

Practice Manual Chapters:

Evaluating the Medical Case
Lost Chance
Selecting Your Jury
The Locality Rule
Third-Party Witness Depositions
Rehabilitation of Jurors
Statute of Limitations
The "Known Risk" Defense
The Opening Statement
Emergency Treatment Immunity
Proving Causation
Authoritative Texts
Medical Research and Case Review
Probability Versus Medical Certainty
The Defendant Doctor as a Trial Witness
Finding a Medical Expert
Inside the Mind of the Judge
The Learned Intermediary Doctrine
Meeting the Requirements of HIPPA
The Judge is a Gatekeeper, Not a Jury
Jury Instructions
Peer Review Privilege
The Summary Judgement Motion
Medicare, ERISA and Subrogation
Informed Consent
Motions in Limine
Closing Your Argument

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