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Protecting Idaho Patients From Medication Errors

Medication errors are alarmingly common in the United States. The Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives reports that adverse drug events impact more than seven million patients every year. About one-third of all patients in a hospital setting have at least one medication discrepancy at the time their medications are reviewed for discharge. Medication...

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Preventing Injury and Death to Idaho Patients Caused by Misdiagnosis

Misdiagnoses can result in injury to patients and even death in some cases. Science Daily reports that an estimated 12 million Americans are affected by misdiagnoses every year. This pervasive problem causes financial and emotional losses to the patient and family members who are affected by incorrect diagnoses or a failure to diagnose. Victims of...

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Hospital-Acquired Infections a Primary Threat in Idaho

Hospital infections have become a serious issue in Idaho as the risk to patients reaches a crisis level nationwide. A Meridian medical malpractice lawyer can represent patients who have suffered greater harm by an infection acquired in the hospital than by the injury or ailment that landed them there in the first place. Meanwhile, the...

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How Medical Malpractice is Exacerbating Idaho’s Opioid Crisis

In recent years, the opioid epidemic has become a major public health emergency in the United States. Drugged driving, overdoses and other dangerous behaviors kill thousands of Americans annually. While there are many different fronts on which to address this problem, the most direct is to stop drugs at the source. For many opioid users,...

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Idaho Medical Errors May Be Affected by Surgical Start Time

There are many complications that may arise during surgery. Patients cannot control the risks of all potential complications, but they can educate themselves about certain risk factors. According to a recent study, one possible risk factor is the time of day during which a surgery is performed. An Idaho medical malpractice attorney can help victims...

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Who is Legally Responsible for Idaho Surgical Errors Caused By Robotic Technologies?

New automated surgical technologies have introduced exciting possibilities for patient care. They have also presented a unique legal question: When robots make surgical errors, who is legally responsible for the resulting damage? The answer is often not a simple one, as medical malpractice and product liability cases are among the more complex areas of law....

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Unwarranted Fear Of Malpractice Suits May Be Affecting Patients

Despite the number of medical malpractice cases dropping in recent decades, doctors still remain unsettled. This looming fear of being hit with a lawsuit accounts for a number of patients receiving overtreatment. A recent PLOS One report delves into a survey of 2,106 physicians - who believed that roughly 20 percent of medical care was...

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