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Your doctor may have given you a false diagnosis, treated you with incorrect drugs, or even performed surgery on the wrong site. No matter what your specific injury, proving medical malpractice in Idaho isn't an easy task. Suffering under the knife or the faulty care of providers is a traumatic experience, one that brings to light the flaws of our healthcare system, and one that is hard to receive compensation for without the right medical malpractice attorney.

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We serve the citizens of Idaho when they need justice. Don't go up against medical providers on your own. Put the experience and expertise of Schlender-Brown PLLC on your side.

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E. Lee Schlender, J.D.

E. Lee Schlender, J.D.

Medical Malpractice Attorney

E. Lee Schlender has been trying medical and injury cases in Idaho since 1967. Mr. Schlender has argued cases before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. He is also the author of the leading textbook on Idaho medical law, Medical Negligence for the Patient's Lawyer. Mr. Schlender brings his vast experience to every case we handle.
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Joseph F. Brown, M.D. J.D

Joseph F. Brown, M.D. J.D

Medical Doctor and Practicing Attorney

Dr. Brown's unique background as a medical doctor and attorney makes him an invaluable asset to the team at Schlender-Brown PLLC. His medical training is the key to picking apart complex cases and holding negligent medical providers accountable, and his deep understanding of health and medicine helps us to advocate for full and fair compensation for each client.
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"We had no problems with Dr Brown. He did what he had to do. He won our case. He or his assistant always answered any questions we had." – S.F.

– Sole Practitioner in Personal Injury

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Very few lawyers can match our combination of medical knowledge and medical malpractice expertise - and thus, very few can match our ability to seek justice for clients. Our firm sets itself apart with a unique combination of skill and practice: With medical credentials and over half a century of legal experience, you can rely on Schlender-Brown PLLC to not only address your case, but see it through to its conclusion.

Serving the Residents of Idaho When They Need Us Most

If you've been injured by medical negligence in Idaho, getting compensation is especially difficult thanks to laws and practices such as the "Locality Rule." The system is weighted in favor of the doctors and medical providers. Our attorneys have the experience and expertise needed to overcome those challenges and help our patients get the compensation they need.

Our attorneys know how to handle a broad range of medical negligence cases, including:

Representing Victims Of Brain And Spine Injuries

With our depth of legal and medical experience, we've seen firsthand how devastating injuries to the brain or spinal cord can be. Schlender-Brown PLLC is proud to represent victims of serious injury to the brain or spine, regardless of the cause. We will fight for the compensation you need for long-term care and services, lost quality of life and other losses.

We also represent people with serious injuries
to the brain or spine, regardless of the cause.

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"Negligence Law and Practice for the Patient's Lawyer"

A lawyer's guide to handling lawsuits by our founding partner E. Lee Schlender, this publication is one of Idaho's most trusted guides to medical negligence cases.

New 2014 Edition Practice Manual by Erven Lee Schlender, J.D.
2014 2nd edition - $25.00 (paperback)
Available at these retailers:

Negligence Law and Practice for the Patient's Lawyer

"The 'go-to' source for Idaho lawyers involved in personal injury and medical negligence work."

-Attorney Donald W. Lojek, Boise, ID

"I am pleased to recommend this book as a 'must have'."

-Hon. Robert C. Huntley, Idaho Supreme Court Justice (Ret.)

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